About Us

Always a voracious reader, Michael Brenner had been buying, selling and passionately collecting books for over 35 years before he decided, after a career in the wine business, that he wanted to sell books full-time. He was a moonlighting bookseller for a few years before attending the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS) in 2016, where the people he met was the final push he needed.

He is in love with the book as a work of art, as an historical artifact, as a cultural bellwether, and as importantly, if not more so, for being just a good story to read. Though he is a generalist with an eclectic mix, his strengths are Sci-Fi & Mystery, Books Into Film, Signed & Inscribed, Modern Firsts, Vintage Paperbacks, and naturally Wines & Spirits. He also has a love of Bibliomysteries and Books About Books. Starrett, Newton, Morley, Dunning are all cherished friends -- figuratively, of course. However, his biggest strength perhaps is customer service for which he has an obsessive passion. Prompt, professional service; always.

Brenner's Collectable Books operates a small shop/showroom, open by appointment, at 35 Colby Street in Manasquan, at the Jersey Shore.  If you are in the area, call Michael at 866-3BBOOKS (866-322-6657) and come browse.